HIPAA Risk Assessment

New! Every Covered Entity is required to do a risk assessment every three(3) years. HIPAA/HITECH regulations that started September 23, 2013. Have you taken your Risk Assessment and printed a copy for your records in your establishment or providers place of business. Beta Testing has started for you to take our online assessment and print a final copy for you to have in place at your office.

EMR/EHR Software

Massage Clinic Professional has been designed by a Massage Therapist for Massage Therapists. It will not only let you work less on the computer it will keep you from spending hours tracking and Reporting. Massage Clinic Professional has been built from the ground up with regards to Medical Massage Billing. Once you have entered the initial information on a patient, subsequent visits are easy as 1-2-3.

Training is often what makes therapists shy away from using elaborate software. Our staff is comitted to training and making the system work for you allowing you more time to spend with your patients.

HIPAA Compliance CDROM Kit

We offer a CD-ROM kit that you can purchase for $45.95 giving you instant access to all the documents you need to make your establishment HIPAA compliant. It includes all the NIST government security documents you need to do a RISK Assessment to an electronic copy of the Policy and Procedures manual you need to put into place to make your establishment HIPAA Compliant. You also get 30 Days Free Trial Subscription of Massage Clinic Professional Software which can do everything from take appointments, payroll, track EOB/EOR payments from insurance carriers, to print Birthday card reminders.

HIPPA compliant from Day One Massage Clinic Professional is hosted on a HIPPA Compliant Servers with all the nescessary security and backup protection built into our service. Access your information in the office, home or on the go with your SmartPhone. No need to worry about your calendar access it anytime. HITECH security compliance is built into our software.

HIPAA Training



HIPAA/HITECH training for anyone in the massage profession from SPA to medical practitioner working with chiropratcors, accupunturists, MD, DO, PT, and Hospitals. If you are not up to speed with the latest changes to the Health Care Industry you can get left behind. With our up to date HIPAA / HITECH training you not only are aware of the latest trends but can ensure your place in the Healthcare industry for years to come.

EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Massage Clinic Professional allows you to have all your records on-line and stored electronically. Scan correspondance and store it on our system for safe keeping.

PHI/ePHI (Patient Health Information)

Protecting your patient health information is our first concern when we developed our software so security features are actually enbedded directly into the software. Database encryption and SSL connectivity is already installed. All you need to concern yourself with is your patient's care.

Do you have Offsite Backup?

Protecting your patient health information by using offsite storage that is HIPAA Compliant. Are you prepared for your computer to crash? SafeCopy Backup

Knowledge is Power

Take the time to grow your knowledge in the field of Massage therapy by joining the FSMTA At their annual Convention and Trade Show each Year. Florida Massage Convention and Trade Show by FSMTA